Athene Nike

I love Greece. My parents used to travel with me and my sister to greece almost every summer when i was a child.

There are so many beautiful memories that we decided to go back. I ‘ve never been to Athens so it was time to go.

It’s such a beautiful place with ancient places like the Akropolis. You got an amazing view from there all over Athens.

But you also Need to go up Filopappou Hill. From there you have the most beautiful view at the Akropolis and also to the Piräus Harbour with the sea. There were hardly People up there so we could enjoy the view and the nature all alone.

Here some Impressions

IMG_6568 Fotos Kamera 397         IMG_7098

IMG_7190 IMG_7157 IMG_7146 IMG_7144 IMG_7130 IMG_7114 IMG_7109 IMG_7103 IMG_7095 IMG_7082 IMG_7081 IMG_7074 IMG_7064 IMG_7035 Fotos Kamera 416

My Outfit:

Leatherjacket and Skirt

Sneakers & Shirt from a shop in Marburg


Shades from Sisley

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