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Hollywood Barbie

Barbie Girl in Hollywood

Everytime i book a new trip i consider what i’m going to wear for this next City oder which clothes would be proper for the respective Country/Region. What is typical? i think about it and i plan this every single time because i think the pics are getting perfect with the right Outfit.

When i booked my trip to LA i just thought i Need to look like Barbie oder Paris Hilton. So i decided to take an Outfit in allover pink!

Here some impressions from Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Strip and the famous shoppingstreet rodeo drive!

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10 comments on “Hollywood Barbie

  1. Your pictures are great! Love your outfit!

  2. Hello,

    Very nice pics ! šŸ˜€

    Sarah, http://sarahmodeee.blogspot.fr/

  3. How about that LA life? you look gorgeous honey

  4. Love this look! I really like the ruffle top and the pants are such a great shade! I think it is so fun that you wanted to try and portray, but obviously a much classier version!


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