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6 Awesome Things you didn't know about Handmade Jewellery

6 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Handmade Jewellery



Its name should say it all. Handmade jewellery. It’s good enough reason to buy one but what other things besides the fact that it’s handmade, should attract you to buying one for yourself?


Unlike most jewellery in the market today that are mass produced, handmade ones are unique and they don’t always follow trends. If you’re going to take your time using your hands to make jewellery, you might as well make it one-of-a-kind. Workmanship is also apparent in handmade jewellery which makes them last longer than your regular ones.


Now enough convincing. Let’s talk about facts. Handmade jewellery is nothing short of beautiful, especially those at, but they’re not like the usual pieces of jewellery. Here are the things you need to know about it before you decide to buy one.


  1. The jewellery is made literally by the artisan’s Hands.This means no machinery is involved in the process. A machine can produce mass amounts in a short period but hands take more time which makes the jewellery even more special because someone actually took their time making it.
  2. Handmade jewellery was born more than 40,000 years agoThe earliest attempts to make jewellery were 40,000 years ago. Our old ancestors would utilize items like shells, bones, and pebbles to create body adornments we now call rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.
  3. They used to be status and superstitious symbols
    In the Egyptian civilization when the term mass produced jewellery wasn’t in everyone’s vocabularies yet, handmade jewellery used to be one of the indicators of wealth and status. The gold and precious gemstone pieces in the jewellery would indicate how powerful and rich the wearer was. Different designs also took on some symbolism and would sometimes be worn as protection against evil entities.
  4. The Victorian era marked the end for handmade jewellery as a symbol of wealth and Status
    The Victorian era was also when industrialization started to flourish which affected the production of jewellery. It was already possible to have it mass produced which meant that it was easily available to everybody that it quickly became a fashion accessory instead of a status Symbol.
  5. Handmade jewellery’s value has only increased over the yearsThe value of handmade jewellery is even more magnified now that we have technology that can make jewellery more elaborate and sophisticated. It’s not as special anymore and only a few people will truly be able to appreciate handmade jewellery with the time and effort it took to make it and its distinct character.
  6. Materials in handmade jewellery are often high Quality
    Unlike mass produced “custom” pieces that are made out of random metals blended together, handmade jewellery is enough assurance that you are getting quality. It makes sense for artisans to use only the best materials if they are going to spend quality time making it with their Hands.

    So have you changed your mind about handmade jewellery yet? We hope that the points we discussed above have helped illuminate the true value of handmade jewellery. To know more about handmade jewellery and possibly answers to questions like “What are black diamonds?” head on over to Diamond Jewellery Studio. They know what they’re talking about.

    And if you’re still planning to pursue that handmade jewellery you saw at the store the other day, know that choosing handmade jewellery makes you a part of something bigger than being just another consumer buying a mass produced product. You carry with you a piece of art that took time and maybe even a few hand gashes just to make.



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