Daniel Wellington

You’ve probably seen it already, popping up all over Instagram as the staple piece for fashion bloggers or around the wrist of a friend. Never before has a watch been so popular!


This brand truly found its way into our hearts.

From Lovely Pepa to Negin Mirsalehi, there is almost no fashion blogger out there without a Daniel Wellington watch.

You can choose the watch in two colours: rosègold or silver. There is a big choice of straps in different colours. It is so easy to change so you have the perfect matching watch to your daily style.

For my Outfit of today i chose the Modell Classic Glasgow in Blue and White. And i am wearing the Mens Watch, because i love to wear big styles.








 Shop your next Daniel Wellington watch with promotional code “carrieslifestyle “!

I’ve got good news for you.

All of my readers get a special promotion. Go to Daniel Wellington Website, use code “carrieslifestyle” and you’ll get an exclusive 15% off your favorite watch. Find below all the details of this promotion:

Promotional code: “carrieslifestyle

Discount: 15% off

To be used within: March, 31, 2016

Enjoy your shopping on Daniel Wellington website and don’t forget to tell your friends too! The promotional code can be used on both men and women models.



71 thoughts on “Daniel Wellington

  1. Wow ich liebe den Look mit der Kombi aus dem fluffigen Obenrum und der Jeans . Die Schuhe sind eh der Hammer!!!!!

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