Apparel Candy

I just want to introduce a new onlineshop to all of you. I am always looking for new Shops and new styles and on my last search for new summer Looks i found Apparel Candy.

It is a wholesale clothing Company which provides clothing, handbags, jewellry, sunglasses and cosmetics. the stocks changes from season to season. In a few weeks i am going to the amalficoast in italy and for that i was searching for perfect summer styles.

On this onlineshop you find wholesale desses for a sunny day at the beach or a great Party night out. Cute coloured tops and jumpuits for Sightseeing in your favourite City. Jewellry to jazz up every Outfit and cosmetics for daily use.

I am staying in different Areas and Hotels so i Need clothes for the beach and for Sightseeing. Here is my choice: Apparel Candy

1) Perfect Pastell Top to Combine with Shorts or a skirt

2) The perfect Party Dress

3) Jumpsuit for Sightseeing

4) Sunglasses

5) Bag for any Occasion

6) neon nailpolish for the beach

7) cute bracelets

Maybe you guys would like to browse on Apparel Candys Onlineshop searching for new Trends!

39 thoughts on “Apparel Candy

  1. Liebe Carrie,
    das sieht nach einem ganz tollen Onlineshop aus!
    Ich liebe den Surferstlye über alles und du hast ein paar schöne Sachen herausgesucht, die mich total an den Surferstyle erinnern.
    Ich freue mich schon wahnsinnig auf deine Fotos aus Italien und bin schon total gespannt, für welche Locations und Hotels du dich entschieden hast.
    Ich bin überzeugt, dass du uns wieder mit richtig tollen Bildern von dir überraschen wirst 🙂
    Viele liebe Grüße

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