Me and my Girls are the biggest fans of the band Sons of Mannheims from Germany. Every single time they came to Austria we were present at every concert. Now my best friend Melanie turned 30 this year so i decided to surprise her with a trip to Mannheim to get to know the City and to join a concert.

Mannheim is such a lovely City to be. Main attractions are the Castle were the concert took place, the friedrichsplatz with the Wasserturm which is the Landmark of the City and of course the beautiful luisenpark.

Here are some Impressions of our funny trip!

Pants, Cap and Jacket

Espandrilles Chanel



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IMG_4007 IMG_4011 IMG_4013 IMG_4018 IMG_4024 IMG_4028 IMG_4033 IMG_4034 IMG_4037 IMG_4042 IMG_4045 IMG_4047 IMG_4049 IMG_4051 IMG_4052 IMG_4059 IMG_4069 IMG_4078 IMG_4081 IMG_4083 IMG_4090

IMG_4100 IMG_3231 IMG_3255

IMG_3203 IMG_3222 IMG_3229 IMG_3265 IMG_3300 IMG_3301

37 thoughts on “Mannheim

  1. Liebe Carrie,
    das ist so lieb von dir, dass du deiner besten Freundin diesen schönen Tag in Mannheim geschenkt hast!
    Das sind wunderschöne Bilder und man sieht, wie schön eure Zeit dort war.
    Viele liebe Grüße

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