Must Dos in beautiful Trieste are the Miramare Castle with it’s beautiful Location at the sea. The Harbour of the City is a freeport and the largest seaport of the upper adriatic sea. It’s such a lovely City to stroll through the beautiful streets with it’s impressive buildings. Here are some Impressions…

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Trieste 013 Trieste 020 Trieste 027 Trieste 028 Trieste 032 Trieste 034 Trieste 038 Trieste 040 Trieste 049 Trieste 059 Trieste 062 Trieste 066 Trieste 068 Trieste 073 Trieste 074 Trieste 075 Trieste 079 Trieste 081 Trieste 103 Trieste 104 Trieste 118

51 thoughts on “TRIESTE

  1. hi there,
    thanks for passing by my blog and for the kind words 🙂
    i have to admit that i love cities with a’s so nice to watch the ships sail in and the sea around,wonderful.
    your outfit is perfect for a city trip on a sunny day and i love those pink shades you’re wearing.

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