On my opinion San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities of the United States and of the world. Frisco called by the inhabitants lovingly has a lot to offer. Especially the victorian houses which you will find all over the City give a pecuilar charm.

I’ve already visited the City twice and i am pulled again and again. On my first visit 7 years ago we had a Picture perfect weather for the golden gate Bridge which is most of the time very cloudy. Must Do’s are of course the most curvy road of the world the lombard street, the view from the twin Peaks, go on a ride with the cable car and a quick side-trip to the wine area of napa valley.

Here are some impressions…

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39 thoughts on “Frisco

  1. great photos! I love San Francisco too. I’ve only been once (I’ve spent far more time in southern Cali than northern) but I absoloutely loved the calm, slow paced lifestyle and the beautiful architecture/scenery!

    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  2. WOW!!!!! Carrie you’re dress so elegantly casual, love the sneaker and the teal accessories. You have impressed upon me to visit this amazing city, I love the victorian style homes, the architecture, the red bridge ( reminds me of the manhattan bridge here in NY ), great pics.

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