Paris Mon Amour

Paris 112 Paris 117 Paris 136 Paris 154 Paris 157 Paris 160 Paris 164 Paris 166 Paris 171 Paris 175 Paris 177 Paris 178 Paris 180 Paris 184 Paris 192 Paris 195 Paris 197 Paris 202 Paris 209 Paris 210 Paris 211 Paris 215 Paris 218 Paris 220 Paris 223 Paris 225 Paris 230 Paris 244 Paris 245 Paris 253

Paris is always worth a trip. On our last visit on day one we visited the Louvre with it’s mona lisa, went Shopping at various Designers like Christian Louboutin and the Galerie Lafayette (with it’s amazing view on the top) and did a side-trip to the Marc jacobs Museum. on our first evening we got to see the famous Show of the moulin Rouge.

Here are some impressions…

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45 thoughts on “Paris Mon Amour

  1. Oh wow I LOVED all of your photos of paris! I have always wanted to go to paris! my cousin and aunt were just there and sent me their pictures too! You look great, love your outfit for traveling the city and seeing/doing so many things! following you on bloglovin! xo

  2. Ah, Paris, Paris and the Louvre!;-) I remember my trip there so many years ago and how impressing the Louvre is ! Fantastic photos you bring here and awesome memories!:-) Moulin Rouge looks like quite a show, wow!;-) Fabulous! Thanks for sharing!
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  3. So wonderful to see all of these amazing sights! Loved seeing the museum and the Monalisa. I have not been there for 30 years and this brought back some 🙂 memories! Loved the Marc Jacobs display and adored your great photography.
    You look chic and comfy in you casual stripes!
    xx, Elle

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