IMG_1409 IMG_1385 IMG_1382 IMG_1331 IMG_1317 IMG_1314 IMG_1310 IMG_1300 IMG_1297 IMG_1294I’m insanely in love with my new silver Oxfords from Zara. At best i would like to wear them every single day!

This time i combined them with my older but still beloved kenzo tiger Sweater and a simply blue Jeans.

Here are some impressions…

shoes, beanie and Jeans  http://www.zara.com/at/de/damen/schuhe/alles-anzeigen/bl%C3%BCcher-mit-metallic-finish-und-plateausohle-c719531p2593048.html

Sweater Kenzo

bag http://www.hm.com

Watch www. michaelkors.com

Leather bracelets http://www.newone-shop.com/new-one-jewelry/armbaender/?force_sid=68884442a86b2d549cb9c1bfde45573a

Blue Bracelet http://at.tommy.com/Mariner-Armband/1MJ2700237,de_AT,pd.html?cgid=114081#!color%3D000%26i%3D6%26start%3D48%26sz%3D48%26size%3DOS

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