i always wanted to go to Cornwall. i was always dreaming about the beautiful landscapes and the coast of south England.

when we went there years ago we visited tintagel among other things which was always associated which king Arthur. even as a small child i was interested in the Story about the King and his Round table. you can feel the mystical atmosphere at this special place.

one of the most visited and most beautiful places in Cornwall is st. ives. it’s known for it’s beautiful small alleys, beautiful beaches and a cemetery with an amazing view over the sea.

Our Hotel was a small b&b in penzance, which is a lovely small village at the end of the coast.

Here are some impressions…

My Ouftit:



Scarf, Top and Bag from a shop in Jesolo


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30 thoughts on “Cornwall

  1. I didn’t know Cornwall is this beautiful -wow!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful images with us. Looks like you guys had a great time. 🙂

  2. Oh, ich liebe Cornwall so sehr, wir waren schon an einigen Stellen! Vor ein paar Jahren hatten wir ein Cottage in Boscastle und konnten von dort nach Tintagel wandern. Absolut traumhaft. Ich liebe es dort! Liebste Grüße, Kirsten

  3. Oh wow das ist echt der Wahnsinn! Diese Natür und diese Häuser!!! So schön! Da kommt man aus dem Staunen bestimmt gar nicht mehr raus! Ich war noch nie dort aber würde es unglaublich gerne mal noch sehen!

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