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One of my favourite places on earth is oahu especially waikiki beach in honolulu...

One of my favourite places on earth is oahu especially waikiki beach in honolulu. i know Globetrotters end up shouting now because there are many other beautiful beaches on Hawaii. I am fully Aware of this fact because of course i’ve seen many other beautiful places on Hawaii. But anyway i’d love to watch the surfers, having some Cocktails at dukes, Shopping at Ala Moana Center or just enjoying the amazing view from our hotelroom at pacific beach Hotel.

Here are some impressions. You can also follow me on instagram: CARRIEPR

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56 Kommentare zu “Waikiki

  1. laurajaneatelier

    It looks so nice there, I want to go

  2. My favorite place in the world! Enjoy! 🙂

  3. I went to Honolulu as well last summer, and it was amazing! I love Hawaii. It has been my childhood dream to finally go there and 2014 it became true. You took some gorgeous photographs! <3 Are you there right now? Have a lovely day!

    Kisses from Hungary xoxo


  4. Ouaou I wish I could go there, it is beautiful 🙂

    Bisous bisous


  5. Omg I’m so jealous! What an amazing location.

    xx Mira


  6. OMG it’s a dream, i would want to travel so far for my summer!

  7. Hawaii are just a wish fro me!
    Photos are fantastic!
    Kisses, Sily

  8. What gorgeous photos! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. 🙂


  9. Happy Friday Carrie!! I’m looking forward to see your new post!

    xx Mira


  10. Beautiful! Can’t wait to visit!!


  11. valentina ioana

    omg…what an amazing place! nice look!


  12. Sooooo jealous looking at your photos! It looks like you had the most amazing time!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  13. Katarina Ahlsson

    These are really beautiful snapshots! Looks like you’ve had a more than wonderful time!

    Katarina x

  14. So jealous of your vaca!! I’ve never been to Hawaii and you’re photos makes me want to go asap!


  15. Looks so pretty there, I love all of your photos!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  16. Everything is so beautiful! Ugh, I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii. Somedaaaaay!

    http://www.rachellately.com | Austin Style Blog

  17. its look nice! Great post 🙂

  18. Wow , that so funny pictures , has given me very envious ‚ve had a fabulous trip!!


  19. This is lovely!
    P.S. Check out the giveaway on my blog if you have a chance!

    christie | christieashey.ca

  20. Girlfriend such a Gypsy traveling everywhere, I love following along on your blog! Have a great day!


  21. Yay for good times at the beach! 🙂


  22. Seems like a lovely trip. 🙂
    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  23. Beautiful photographs! This makes me miss home (Guam). They always refer to it as „little Hawaii.“

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  24. super !!! GREAT PICS ! ;D


  25. wow beautiful images! Looks amazing x


  26. Is a place that I hope I get the chance to know!!! Great pics btw!!
    Happy Easter!!

  27. Beautiful photos! Makes me want to go on vacation!



  28. It looks so beautiful!

    xx Jessy Kleidermädchen

  29. What a great time u had there!! Hawaii is the best!! Xoxo
    Check out my new post

  30. Such lovely travel impressions from Hawaii!

    Laiyin || THESTYLECIRCUS.net

  31. Gorgeous photos! I love seeing your travels. Looks like fun!


  32. Looks like such a great trip! I am loving all these photos and they are so gorgeous! I love those pink shorts and floral wedges! Love your suit as well! Hope you had a great time.

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  33. What a great place!!!!! Wish I could go there!!!!!!


  34. Wow!! What lovely pictures. Looks like you had a fantastic time!! I’m very jealous!! And your tan is fabulous!! 🙂
    xx Cara

  35. That looks like such a great place! Any where that has a beach and a warm sun is a place I would like to be!


  36. great photos!
    i would love to go one day

  37. great photos! it looks like you had the perfect vacation. 😀
    love, liz

  38. Hawaii steht definitiv ganz weit oben auf meiner Reiseliste. Wunderschöne Fotos!

    Ines – twashion.com

  39. Lovely pictures it makes me want to go there ^^
    Eve from Paris

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