Lady in Red

One of my favourite Films is “A good Year” with Russel Crowe. For all of you guys who do not know what i mean i just tell you: You NEED to see it. It’s about life supposed to be if you ask me. Most of us are living to work. They need work to live. Not only because of earning Money to pay the rent or feed the Family.

In this film it’s about the Story of life. People are rushing from place to place and unlearnd to enjoy the simple things in life. Spending time with the People you love, appreciating beautiful moments in nature or just doing nothing.

Last year in summer i was going to see some sets of this film. I spend time in beautiful roussilon the Grand Canyon of europe and the so-called most beautiful place in the Provence Gordes.

Here some of my impressions

IMG_8487 IMG_8463 IMG_8460 IMG_8447 IMG_8442 IMG_8523  IMG_8484 IMG_8479 IMG_8478

IMG_8459 IMG_8490 IMG_8496 IMG_8499 IMG_8507 IMG_8516

Dress H&M last season

Shoes & Bag Chanel

Shades Carrera

Statement Necklace Zara last season

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