1 day in Beijing, China

4 Weeks ago i went to beijing for 3 days. i was really suprised about this town. 5 years a go i had been in hong kong, so i was expecting a lot of people, so not in beijing. there were just a few tourists and the city seemed as they stopped in 1960 or so. all over there is looking so old, if the time was standig still. On our first day we got to see the temple of heaven, the main shopping street quianmen street, the tiananmen square which is sooo huge, the forbidden city and we went on a tour through the hutongs. After enjoying the perfect view from the jing shang park we got to have dinner on the nightmarket of the wangfujing street. but please convince yourself…

Wangfujing beijing by night insects wangfujing nightmarket insects Rikscha Hutongs sunset beijing view over forbidden city Forbidden City IMG_4155 Forbidden CIty Tianamen Square IMG_4134 IMG_4155 IMG_4131 IMG_4084 IMG_4131 IMG_4100 IMG_4087 IMG_4084

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