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Day 2 in Istanbul

After a good breakfast we went to the Spicemarket. There we bought some spices and teas. Then we went on a boattour on the bosporus. Up the european side, under the bosporusbridge to the asian side of istanbul. It was pretty awesome and you get an overview, and can image how big die town really is.

After Lunch, we took a taxi to drive over the bosporus bridge to the asian side of istanbul. Theres a Hill called Camlica. Von there you have an amazing view all over the european side and the bosporus.

At the end of the day, we went shopping to the cevahir shopping mall. I can really recommend it to fashion lovers. You can get there really everything!

Spice Market Bosporus Bridge IMG_1467 IMG_1473 IMG_1484 Bosporus Bridge IMG_1511 IMG_1515 Camlica Hill Camlica Hill IMG_1555 IMG_1558 IMG_1563 IMG_1574 IMG_1574 Cevahir Shopping Mall IMG_1588 Cevahir Shopping Mall

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