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March 2012: Istanbul Day 1

Looking back to March 2012. I went on a family trip to istanbul with my parents and my sister. We had a great hotel, in the center of the old town. There was a breakfast room with a fantastic view over istanbul.

On the first day we went to the big basar, just around the corner of our hotel, because i wanted to shop a fake louboutin so bad. When we arrived there, i couldnt find some designer bags, so i decided to ask someone. He told me to follow him, in a cellar. it was a bit strange, but i wasnt afraid because, my dad was with us. When he usherd us into this room, we saw hundreds of fake designer bag. I was in heaven 😉 After doing some bargain, i bought two beautiful bags.

Then we went to the blue mosque and the hagia sophia. The two mosque are a must-do in istanbul, which i can really recommend. In the blue mosque you have to drop your shoes at the outside, but the hagia sophia is a church, so you  wont need to cover your head or to take off your shoes.

Afterwards we went by tram to the new part of istanbul. To get there, you need to pass the galata bridge. Then we went on the galatatower, where you have an amazing view all over istanbul.

On our way to the shoppingstreet Istiklal Caddesi, we went for lunch in a beautiful restaurant. I unfortunately forgot the name of the restaurant. They had awesome turkish food and an amazing view on the bosporus and to the asian side of istanbul.

After doing some shopping at Istuklal Caddesi, we went for a drink at the Leb-i-Derya bar, to fade the evening away.

Hotel Großer Bazar Big Basar IMG_1261 Blue Mosque IMG_1271 IMG_1279 IMG_1286 IMG_1292 IMG_1301 IMG_1303 IMG_1322 IMG_1325 Galatatower IMG_1341 IMG_1372 IMG_1359 Istiklal Caddesi IMG_1381 IMG_1395 IMG_1398 IMG_1407

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