The pyramids of Gizeh

One of my first travels i did, was  to egypt. I had always been interested in egyptian mythology. When you arrive in Kairo you have the feeling that they still live in another Age. The People there are partly using donkeys as locomotion.

It’s so impressive when you stand in front of the massive pyramids of Gizeh. You really can’t Image how huge they are, even before you get there.

Here are some Impression of the pyramids, the Shpinx and Kairo with it’s crowded Khan El Kalili Bazar…


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38 thoughts on “The pyramids of Gizeh

  1. This brings back such fond memories! I lived in Cairo in my teens in the 80s and went to the German school there. It was such a wonderful experience and I made great friends. It’s still in my heart! Thanks for this great post. Love, Kirsten xx

  2. Egypt is a place that I need to see before I die as well. Though, I actually don’t like touristic places so much. But the Egypt history interests me quite much. I’m glad you had a great time overthere! 🙂

    Mimi’s Bulletin

  3. Total envy!! Un besazo guapa y a disfrutar esta semana que parece que nos da un respiro ¡¡con dos viernes incluidos!! que por lo menos, aunque no este en Egipto…♥♥ Muaaaa♥♥

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